Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emel dari Seorang warga Sandakan - Sabahdaily

Dear Editor,

THAT is the new definition for SESB! For the benefits all the Sabahan especially people in Sandakan, all of you should resign immediately as NONE of you, NONE of you knows what you are doing! Wait, there is one thing you can be proud of yourself though, under your "excellent" management, you have got Sandakan not only into the Malaysia Record Book but also the Guiness World Record for the followings:

1) The city with the most frequent power outage in the world

2) The city with the longest power outage in the world

See, you still deserve some credits! My foot!

People in Sandakan has suffered enough under all your management, please, if you still have some self pride or dignity left, resign immediately, leave your job to someone who can do better than you. People in Sandakan has been very patient and I think most of us are kind hearted and forgiven but NOT ANYMORE!!!!

All of you only knows how to talk and give all sort of excuses but no action. Promises after promises, but problem still exists, WHY? Why are we the only town in the country has to suffer like this? Why do we still need to pay the bill when you can't even provide consistent service? and don't you dare asking for increase in rate, that is rediculous and outrageous!

For all the INCONVENIENCES you created and the hardship we suffered in Sandakan, on behalf of people in Sandakan, I am demanding your hopeless company to :

1) Rebate in full, all the electricity bill for last six months for every single household and business company in Sandakan

2) Provide a unit of Generator Set for every single household and business company in Sandakan, free of charge.

3) Apologise to all the people in Sandakan in all the newspapers in Sabah in full page, with all your Directors and Managers pictures.

"We are living in a hopeless city, powered by a hopeless company, managed by a bunch of hopeless people!"

Last but not least, I will ensure this email is read by everyone in Sandakan and Sabah who has email address, all the ministers concerned, all the newspapers and I am expecting a reply from the MD of SESB on the date of your resignation.


A very, very unhappy resident in Sandakan


Cikgu Metal said...

Gua ingatkan, bila dah hampir 10 tahun tinggalkan Sandakan, masalah elektrik dah selesai. Tapi nampaknya masih kantoi lagi.
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! untuk mereka yang masih lagi berjaya mengekalkan status quo sandakan sebagai bandar yang sering gelap.

gopenghagen said...

guinness book of record wa cakap.

itu belum cerita bab air, kalau baru kawen , x naya ke?